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Why choose us

The only event platform that builds a Community and facilitates networking! Gamify your event, ai-enabled connections, chat with attendees, vendors, sponsors and employees.

Foster Community

Create rich, robust event landing pages. White labeling available! Group ticket types into "Circles" for easy communication (DM, text, email) and management. In-app agenda, waivers, hidden tickets, more cost-effective than Eventbrite!

Cool App and Web Platform

Attendees, Sponsors & Vendors come prepared to make the most of the event by having each other's profile information.

Event Analytics

Robust analytics on your event. Sales data, easy follow-up, and the best data available on your attendees of any solution!

Gamify Your Event

Build-in leaderboards for networking, profile QR code sharing, best profile rewards and connectivity! Rewards for posting to your social media through the app.

Robust Ticket Scanning

Real-time attendance numbers. Scan tickets with mobile devices or with commercial QR code scanners. Rentals available. Faster ticket scanning than Disneyland 😉

Vendors, Sponsors & Attendees love it!

Show your sponsors, vendors, & attendees how much you value them by providing an app and experience that offers more data and information about the event.

Beautiful Event Pages.

Add any number of images, grids, colors and even video! You can also create text, drop list, checkbox and other question types, required or not. Hidden access codes, discount codes, and any number of tickets. 

Real Time Analytics

Tickets sold, attendees scanned, ticket types analyzed, gross sales and net profits! Everything you need to get real-time analytics on your event. All data easily exported to popular CRMs!

Build Community!

Image an event where everyone already has everyone else’s business cards and bios? That’s what a Circle is – a community of attendees all empowered to make the most of their event experience.

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Follow Up

Email, text, or chat any of your attendees for more robust and meaningful connections. Track your progress by assigning Catch Up goals and frequencies. When you connect, the goal is reset!

"It's like LinkedIn and Eventbrite had a baby!"
Software Engineer
"The people at Nouri are so helpful and go above and beyond to make sure that our event went smoothly. You can actually get someone on the phone!"
Event Coordinator
"People already came to my event thanking us that they felt likethey already knew everyone."
Business Owner
"Nouri made our networking event wonderful. From the registration, onsite scanning of tickets, to the data we were able to gather on our attendees - thumbs up."
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