Never Forget an Important Event.

Nouri isn’t just an event manager; it’s your personal community builder. Organize your contacts into Circles and message entire groups effortlessly. Get timely reminders for life’s big moments and visualize your network on a map. Make every connection meaningful with Nouri.

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Add Connections

Bring your people in from your contacts app, an event, your email list, social media, add them manually.

Add Events

Add events like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new jobs, and even “next Tuesday.” Nouri will remind you in advance to reach out to your Connections and celebrate with them!

Prioritize People

Set a “catch up” schedule for each of your individual contacts or for full circles and never miss a connection again.

Schedule times to get in touch and never miss out.

Setting a connection schedule in Nouri is like having a personal assistant in your pocket dedicated to keeping you connected to the relationships that matter most to you.